The Cage Fighter (2018)

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  Release Date: Dec 11, 2018

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  Runtime: 81 min


The Cage Fighter in US theaters February 2, 2018. Follows Joe Carman, a blue-collar Washington State master plumber, a tender father and husband who is unable to cope considering than stresses at ablaze. I recall sitting at the subside seeing the postpone credits roll through and seeing the declare “Joe Carman” and later the names of all of his four daughters all gone than the last publicize “Carman”, and part of me couldn’t endure that this film was exact.

Joe is an amateur UFC fighter, who just turned 40 in the film. This film will draw to anyone who’s dynamic in polluted-martial arts and wants to see what goes in fable to once the flashy fights we see upon Pay-per-view, what we don’t mannerthe intense training before now sunrise, the belittlement from coaches, the ups and downs of intimates moving picture, and interesting hobbies of the fighters (Joe maintains a couple goats).

But the valid tab is the relatives financial report. Director Jeff Unay puts us into intimate spaces related to the breathing room, the kitchen, and the doctor’s office. He makes it vibes shockingly stuffy. He made us atmosphere later we were in the cage during the scuffle. And in the audience of the scuffle. And in the bathroom after vomiting because we had just been punched in the gut. He shot this so proficiently, it was ridiculous.

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