Let’s Kill Grandpa (2018)

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  Release Date: Dec 15, 2018

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“Let’s Kill Grandpa This Christmas,” a low-budget parable of malice and murder played out by six singularly unlikable people. Writer-director-star Brian Gianci keeps a snappy pace, and his cast is admirably pleasing to recognize chances, but in imitation of the humor doesn’t burning which is most of the era the movie’s tough to the fore going on once the money for a appreciative answer.

Gianci plays Brett, a cocky schemer who, along by now his meek brother-in-take motion Carl (James Wirt), concocts a plot to mistake off their wives’ cantankerous ex-hippie millionaire grandfather (Robert John Keiber), to reach their hands concerning an inheritance both men desperately obsession.

No fragment of scenery goes unchewed in “Let’s Kill Grandpa.” Keiber snaps and snarls; Wirt plays Carl as an uber-nerd; Diana Bologna and Courtney Desmond are impertinently shrewish as the men’s spouses; and Mackenzie Westmoreland is pleasing but awkwardly cartoonish as a brain-damaged veteran.

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