La familia (2018)

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  Release Date: Aug 03, 2018

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  Runtime: 82 min
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La familia, Pedro (intense newcomer Reggie Reyes), is but one of a cartoon of noisy 12-year-olds that are into roughhousing, calling each supplementary names, talking just about drugs and sex as if they were experts and maybe some of them are and wielding weapons, or at least toy versions of the same made out of wood and subsequently covered in black paint. Cordova doesnt comment in this area the behavior of the kids or their setting but his strictly observational comport yourself into speaks volumes nonetheless. These are kids from scratchy neighborhoods, whose circumstances are forcing them to ensue taking place sudden and who attempt to copy what they see as adult behavior in the goal of bodily taken as seriously as they are. Being kids, however, theres a determined naivet to their worldview and a level of petulance and stubbornness in how they attempt to negotiate and engage following adults that betrays that they do not yet sufficiently sanction the complexity of the world of grown-ups and how it operates.

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