Just Charlie (2018)

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  Release Date: Oct 19, 2018

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  Runtime: 97 min


Just Charlie (2017) is an English film directed by Rebekah Fortune. Harry Gilby plays Charlie Lyndsay, a minor who is a unapproachable football (soccer) performer at his educational. He’s thus talented that he’s already innate recruited by a major football team. Life is satisfying, but it isn’t.

Charlie realizes that she is really a lady trapped in a boy’s body. She’s not gay, but rather has what is now called gender dsyphoria. This would be hard enough without football, but it’s worse for Charlie because she in fact wants to appear in football, although she wants to achievement tab to the women’s team.

The complications of this event–then than parents, when associates, as soon as coaches, and once the public–are predictable. A complication that’s not mentioned in the film is that Charlie is a superb performer approaching the boys’ team. He will be unbeatable around a woman’s team. Is this fair to the added girls–his teammates and the youngster women on the opposing teams?

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