Entanglement (2018)

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  Release Date: Oct 17, 2018

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  Runtime: 85 min


Entanglement offers as a marginal note at one narrowing. Director Jason James and screenwriter Jason Filiatrault apparently allocation that assumption; the movie opens behind a sequence that aims to spin gentle laughs from an attempted suicide. From there, the narrative rides the twin tracks of poignancy and humor, as soon as a quantum-physics detour, to diminishing returns. James’ assured timing and visual execution not quite mask how strained and half-baked the parable is. But the helmer draws warm, attractive performances from his cast. Silicon Valley’s Middleditch wisely underplays the role of unhappy sack and would-be suicide Ben Layten, who has been despondent previously his wife left him. When you strip away the actor’s magnetism, Ben is an insufferable man-child. For one business, he yet sees his child psychologist (Johannah Newmarch). The film provides not the slightest inkling of his professional interests or general perspective in moving picture. His possession of carefully curated vinyl albums, an unconvincing response toward soulful hipsterism, is meant to suffice.

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