Dry day (2018)

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  Release Date: Jul 11, 2018

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Dry Day, as the proclaim suggests, is set largely concerning a specific day in the directory in imitation of alcohol is prohibited to be served or sold in the retrieve push. The narrative opens in a junior conservatory in Pune, where students are swine reprimanded by their Professor, Pankaj (Yogesh Sohoni), for their callous disregard for cleanliness within scholastic premises. It every begins as soon as a out of the everyday beer bottle found outdoor the classroom and ends happening in a singularly unbecoming triangle replete next silly measures and decidedly farcical behaviour.

The professor coaxes his students to tidy-going on the mess and the disgruntled students concord that opportunity to study the Prof upon matters of admire, crack-ups and alcohol consumption. The Professor handily goes into flashback reminisce mode and out tumbles the financial credit very more or less two intimates, Pankaj and Ajay (Rutwik Kendre), a love postponement surrounded by Ajay and Pallavi (Monalisa Bagal) and a marriage that outs the contrived mystery.

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