Blood Fest (2018)

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  Release Date: Aug 31, 2018

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  Runtime: 92 min


Blood Fest, which attempts scares and yucks in equal concern an act and fails to attend to either.

The film, directed and scripted by Owen Egerton (Follow), begins promisingly ample in the middle of a prologue in which a teen person boy witnesses his mom’s slaying by a masked estate invader going in the region of for Halloween night. Cut to years highly developed, bearing in mind the now-pubescent Dax (Robbie Kay, Once Upon a Time) is obsessed gone horror films even if his shrink father (Tate Donovan) has embarked not far away afield off from a crusade to rid the world of such entertainment. He along with forbids Dax from attending Blood Fest, a horror film festival that Dad describes as “a gathering of freaks and degenerates celebrating mindless exploitation and gore.”

Naturally, Dax manages to sneak into the fest anyway, accompanied by his best links Sam (Seychelle Gabriel, The Last Airbender) and Krill (Jacob Batalon, Spider-Man: Homecoming). At first, they have a immense era, behind Dax even getting to meet one of his heroes, the star of a horror franchise called The Arborist, and Krill, who hopes to rid himself of his virginal status, agog at the scantily clad pubescent women in attendance.

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