22 Days (2018)

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  Release Date: Oct 23, 2018

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A ill settled mashup of scenes gone under average performancesThe the entire first scene in the film has the teary-eyed leading actor/director apologise to the camera. A few minutes in the film, you realise that the apology was actually expected for the audience who will be subjected to two hours of in poor health acted and directed jumble of scenes. The dubbing in several scenes is definitely askew and just later you thought that the worse was on peak of youvis–vis hit later a look. Also the whole weird is the fact that the actress in the film, in a bid to profit pregnant, tells her husband to not wear hat even if they make exaltation. You astonishment just why she is as a outcome coy in wise axiom the word condom. She sophisticated even fights behind him because he wore a hat even if they were making be stranded on!

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